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Emerge Ukraine Pilgrimage

Kyiv 26-29 September 2024

Join us on a Journey to

the Future's 


Join the Emerge for Ukraine Fundraiser on June 16th @ Location

No upcoming events at the moment

Ukraine is the lens through which we can see the future 

Ukraine's New Thinking School in collaboration with Emerge invite you to come on a pilgrimage to Ukraine's capital Kyiv to explore and imagine a world that's emerging.


Not just the future of Ukraine, but of a world system that is transforming itself fastest at its edges. Ukraine is that edge - the site of large-scale societal resilience, networking and adaptation.


What is emerging here holds valuable lessons for a world in transition.

Support Ukraine, 

learn from Ukrainians

The Fundraiser ‘An Explosion of Trust” is a day of conversation, reflections, poetry, making connections and brainstorming ideas. And of course, you’ll hear from Ukrainians who are affected by the war and are involved in defending and imagining the future of their country and its open society.

Our partners

This pilgrimage through Ukraine to Kyiv, asks for courage, dedication and heart. The journey takes us to places shaped by deep history and the current war.


On the train journey to Kyiv you’ll meet others who are rethinking, leading to shape the future, in Ukraine and beyond. 

Four days in Kyiv form the heart of the pilgrimage, where we'll explore the world that is emerging in areas as education, security, democracy and inner development.


We’re calling it a pilgrimage for a good reason - whoever completes this journey won't be the same as the one who begins it.


We invite you to join us. 

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Tuesday or Wednesday 24- 25

Train Lviv to Kyiv
Kyiv day 4 closing
Travel Home
Kyiv day 3
Travel to Lviv

Thursday 26th

Saturday 28th

Sunday 29th

Monday 30th

Tuesday October 1st

Friday 27th

Kyiv day 2
Kyiv day 1 opening 

Detailed schedule coming soon

Organising Team

Kateryna Yasko 🇺🇦

Kateryna is an organizational psychologist, a trainer for the development of emotional intelligence, trust, cooperation, effective communication, and peaceful conflict resolution, and co-founder of the consulting company U-Integral.

Lilya Luts 🇺🇦

Lilya is Co-founder of the New Thinking School (Ukraine) an Organizational consultant, Professional Certified Coach (PCC ICF), NLP Master and a coach in the methodology of diagnostics of leadership maturity (Leadership Development Framework).

Ivo Mensch

Ivo works to strengthen the praxis strand of Perspectiva and the Emerge community. He designs practices and courses as a means to skilfully navigate larger arcs of cultural transition, shifts in consciousness and whatever the meta-crisis throws at us.

Jonathan Rowson

Jonathan is co-founder and Director of Perspectiva. He was previously Director of the Social Brain Centre at the RSA where he authored a range of influential research reports on behaviour change, climate change and spirituality.

Valerii Pekar 🇺🇦

Valerii Pekar is an entrepreneur, lecturer at business schools and schools of public management, author of 4 books, co-organizer of the Ukrainian Integral Gathering and the School of New Thinking.

Vytautas Buciunas

Vytautas is an Integral Master Coach, business trainer, author and facilitator of leadership and organizational development programs, professional board member. Vytautas explores the development of human consciousness and complex social systems from a holistic perspective. He considers the growth of a critical mass of mature leaders with systemic thinking and transformational capabilities to be the key to the healthy development of society.

Yaroslav Yakovenko

Yaroslav is an entrepreneur and a business consultant with key expertise in financial management and organisational development. He is a co-founder of the New Thinking School of Ukraine. Yaroslav is also a co-organizer of the Ukrainian Integral Gathering.

Emerge in Ukraine

Exactly five years ago, 2019 saw our second Emerge Gathering, held in Kyiv. The decision to go there followed developments after the 2014 revolution; the emergence of a vibrant civil society in Ukraine, and in support of democratic norms and their incipient Bildung movement.


Emerge is historically and socially tied to the fate of the Ukrainian people. Since the early days of the war, we have kept weekly online meetings with Ukrainians and our extended networks. This pilgrimage is a chance for the network to deepen its ties to each other and learn lessons that are relevant to a future we all share.  


Emerge Founder Tomas Bjorkman with members of the New Thinking School and Bildung movement in Kyiv, 2019

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